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Newness for the Yarn Stash

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I just received a box of yummy, yarny goodness from KnitPicks this week to feed my stash! These skeins are for a new on-going project that I am very excited about. The summer yellow if from their Gloss line and it’s a merino and silk blend I’ll use for prototyping. The speckled yarn is called Hawthorne and is a superwash and nylon. I’ll be using that for the first round of finished pieces…

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Handcrafted Sneakers by A1923

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I dreamt about these kicks last night.  I distinctly remember looking down in at my feet in dreamland and thinking… Oh. Yes. Last Fall, while in the void on an “avant garde” keyword bender, I stumbled upon …

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I’m going to let this full version with all its beautiful American Southern Blackness live here. I get it, I get her and I am thankful that these visuals exist.

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Chimps Made of Yarn + Rice

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It is interesting to see an unlikely company embrace the idea of handmade goods as giveaways for their users. Being that I work in Marketing and Design by day, I recently received an update email …

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A Sugar Sphinx in Brooklyn

In Art by Cinnamon McCullum

I had a great time in Williamsburg this past weekend. It’s been a while since I visited that neck of the woods and a close friend and I went on an adventure to see Kara …

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Needlework by Lindsey Windland

In Embroidery by Cinnamon McCullum

I am majorly craft crushing on Lindsey Windland.  She uses embroidery, applique work and a bit of beading to fabricate her work. Full of symbolism, one gets the impression that heartfelt intent goes into it …

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Molded by Xiao Li

In Textiles + Textures by Cinnamon McCullum

Soon, art and fashion colleges across the world will unleash their creative monsters into the wild. Often you will see the most liberated and fresh work from recent college grads before they become jaded by …