Modern Day Needlework, Fiber Art and Textiles
Molded Silicone by Xiao Li |

Molded by Xiao Li

Soon, art and fashion colleges across the world will unleash their creative monsters into the wild. Often you will see the most liberated and fresh work from recent college grads before they become jaded by the industry, so I try to keep an eye out to soak up some of their creative optimism...
Masha Ma |

Masha Ma, Textural Genius

Since the Fall Winter 2014 Ready-to-wear shows in Paris, the reviews have been all over the place, and I've seen snippets here and there but never got a chance to review the full shows until now...
Folk Couture |

Folk Couture

Between the intense winter weather, loads of web design work and being sick twice, I just got a chance to make it to the American Folk Art Museum for a guided tour of...
Stitch Work by Junko Oki |

Stitch Work by Junko Oki

Junko Oki is a Japanese stitch artist who uses freehand embroidery to create abstract images with cloth. Aside from art, she also creates accessories such as necklaces, pendants and... | Quilts by Heather Dubreuil

Art Quilts by Heather Dubreuil

When I first saw Heather Dubreuil's art quilts, I thought I was looking at a watercolor painting. Her current pieces are visions of urban landscapes created using usually her own photos | Michele Savoia

RIP/VIP – Michele Savoia

Many moons ago, Michele Savoia had a shop on 7th street and Avenue A when I lived in the East Village. I would walk or ride my bike by and see these gorgeous 1940's suits and accessories in the window display and... | Proenza Schouler NYFW F/W 2014

My NYFW Pick : Proenza Schouler

Having a three day holiday weekend, I was determined to find the time - which is virtually impossible these days - to sit and watch the NYFW Fall/Winter RTW shows. There I was at 2am this morning, having a gander and propping my eyelids open with toothpicks... | Portraits by Joanne Arnett

Mug Shot Tapestries by Joanne Arnett

I think what we all find so fascinating about a mug shot, is that it is so indicative of the person and the moment. From David Bowie's oh-so-subtle "piss-off", to Nick Nolte's whirlwind insanity to the most recent... | Janet Echelman Installations

Textile Installations by Janet Echelman

Looking at the large-scale outdoor installations by Janet Echelman, one can’t help but feel an organic connection. Her sculptures seem to be primarily erected in urban landscapes...                
Link | Notes from the Maison Martin Margiela S/S 2014 Couture show.
The Maison Martin Margiela S/S 2014 Couture show was a dizzying and spectacular montage of prints, textures and embellishments. The accompanying notes are a compelling read with a mass of wonderful details.
Link | Art should inspire and spark conversation. Today's topic is arms trafficking. Click here for more.
Powerful images from writer, director and producer Ralph Ziman in collaboration with artists in Johannesburg, South Africa featuring crochet bodysuits and embellished AK-47's. - Mister Finch

We Want More Textile Creatures Mister Finch!

In my opinion, there can be a great advantage to being a self-taught artist.  You are approaching the craft from a broader POV, creating your own foundation and doing your own problem solving... - UTHA hats

Shamanism by UTHA

In Riga, the largest city in the Baltic states, lives Irita Tīlane Pakalniņa - the proprietress of the UTHA collection. These textile rich and embellished headdresses can be found... - Gee's Bend Quilt

The Season of the Quilt

Since the hawk is out (which is what my uncle says once Winter really sets in), it seems a great time to talk about quilts.  I am not the type to hang a quilt. I'm more of a functional art gal, and I would totally toss my down comforter... - New Year

So, What Now?

This ain't my first time at the rodeo. Actually, this is my 3rd blog, and I am happy to say this has been my best blogging experience hands down. I live for this niche and enjoy researching and writing about it...