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Molded by Xiao Li

In Textiles + Textures by Cinnamon McCullum

Soon, art and fashion colleges across the world will unleash their creative monsters into the wild. Often you will see the most liberated and fresh work from recent college grads before they become jaded by …

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8 Minutes in Helen Rödel’s World

In Crochet by Cinnamon McCullum

Brazilian designer Helen Rödel has a self-titled line of crochet and knitwear that is equal parts colorful, fun, sexy, feminine and fashionable. Nope. Not an easy thing to pull off. Yep. I think she is all that and then some…

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babyDEGEN Knitwear Kickstarter

In Knitting by Cinnamon McCullum

I’ve meant to write a post about DEGEN for a while now and this is the perfect opportunity to do so with its current Kickstarter campaign in action for expansion…

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Creating the Chanel Cardigan

In Fashion by Cinnamon McCullum

Last year, one of the courses I took at F.I.T. was Knitting Machine 101. The studio was full of intermediate and advanced hand knitters, and we were all reduced to head scratching, frustrated novices with giant question marks over our heads…