| Helen Rödel’s MMXI collection

8 Minutes in Helen Rödel’s World

In Crochet by Cinnamon McCullum

Brazilian designer Helen Rödel has a self-titled line of crochet and knitwear that is equal parts colorful, fun, sexy, feminine and fashionable. Nope. Not an easy thing to pull off. Yep. I think she is all that and then some. Combine her work with this well produced making-of video and you know she has found her calling in life.

In this clip Rödel talks about her influences and process for her MMXI collection. Beautifully shot, I’m inclined to break out my hook and make row upon row of popcorn stitch like they show. The best scene is a quick moment of her sitting on a couch with four other women as they crochet… All with the same posture and look on their face, working in the same rhythm.

Aside from the charming visuals, her passion for what she does is crystal clear. Enjoy.