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Arielle de Pinto Crochet Jewelry

In jewelry by Cinnamon McCullum

A friend recently introduced me to the work of Arielle de Pinto by sending me a link to her site in an e-mail with the subject line “This is So You!” And he was so right. For the last seven years, de Pinto has developed her signature style crochet jewelry using oxidized chain as well as sterling silver and gold vermeil chain with varying patinas. Fancy. De Pinto’s work has a raw, unfinished quality to it, while the colors really sing. So you have this brash, fine, yet unrefined, somewhat rustic work. A little medieval, a little rock and roll, and a wee bit fae, de Pinto’s work is for the brave and romantic.

Check out her sublime F/W 2013 pieces on her site and then check out her magnificent custom, limited-edition, and editorial pieces here and here. | Arielle de Pinto Arrow Pendant Necklace

Arielle de Pinto arrow pendant necklace | Arielle de Pinto Curved Tablet Bracelet

Arielle de Pinto curved tablet bracelet