| Quilts by Heather Dubreuil

Art Quilts by Heather Dubreuil

In Quitling by Cinnamon McCullum

When I first saw Heather Dubreuil’s art quilts, I thought I was looking at a watercolor painting. Her current pieces are visions of urban landscapes created using usually her own photos, hand-dyed cotton and machine stitching. It sounds simple, looks simple and I am blown away. I like how clean and precise everything is in her work, and with the skew of depth and a strong color palette, these building and landmarks are softened but still retain a spark of asperity.

I’m excited to have found such intriguing quilting styles and artists this season. Quilting is one of those topics that wasn’t in my wheelhouse before I started this blog. I’m glad that’s changing.

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