Beautifully Wild and Wooly

In Felt by Cinnamon McCullum

Sometimes, when you find something on Tumblr, you have to do an insane amount of backtracking to get to the source, if it is at all possible.  I came across an image of  a child beaming with joy as she wore an incredible felted fox hat, and I needed to know who made it. For this, being lost in Tumblr purgatory for a while was worth it.

Barbara Keal is the one who works her magic to create these wonderful pieces. Using the wool destined for disposal from UK farms, she uses wet felting and needle felting techniques to shape the various fleeces into foxes, rams, wolves and various other woodland creatures and things of the imagination. Her surreal pelts are both whimsical and dramatic,  and her craftsmanship is on a level of sophistication that makes her creations luxuriously primal. | Barbara Keal

Barbara Keal | Barbara Keal

Barbara Keal