Crochet MailChimp Hats |

Chimps Made of Yarn + Rice

In Crochet by Cinnamon McCullum

It is interesting to see an unlikely company embrace the idea of handmade goods as giveaways for their users. Being that I work in Marketing and Design by day, I recently received an update email from Mail Chimp which is a newsletter management service. Their CEO Ben Chestnut wrote a blog post about the making of their highly coveted crochet monkey hats which are made by hand in Thailand. In the above video the owner of the company who makes the hats whips up a super cute wee-bitty-baby version.

They seem to be a creative bunch of monkeys over at Mail Chimp HQ in Atlanta, as also indicated by the below video showing the gleeful destruction (here is the blog post regarding the creation) of a grogeous billboard campaign for the company made of colored rice.  It’s nice to know I support a company that has such a broad range of ingenuity.