Drape and Crimp

In Textiles + Textures by Cinnamon McCullum

I understand Elisa Strozky’s attraction to wood. Some of my favorite crafting tools come from trees. There is something about the smoothness of polished wood, how it warms between the fingers. I forget I am holding tools:  they become extensions of my hands, allowing me to be more focused and in tune with my work.

As an artist and  budding woodworker, Strozky has created some great furniture pieces, but what I find most striking are her textiles:  wooden blankets and rugs (wooden, not woolen, ha-ha!) made of small, laser-cut pieces of cherry or maple, about 0.6 mm thick and adhered to fabric in geometric patterns. The results are pliable, with drape like fabric, but with the capability to crimp like paper. Very clever.

So how long until we see something come down the runway using this technique? Whenever you’re ready, folks. Whenever you’re ready…