| Michele Carragher

Embroidery for Alternate Worlds

In Embroidery by Cinnamon McCullum

I’m a massive fan of Game of Thrones. I read the first 4 books prior to the series being translated into a show, and I own the box set of each season.  Being well versed in this alternative world, I am happy with the conversion from book to TV thus far. When watching it for the first time, one of the things you notice are the costumes, and the show exceeded my expectations in this area thanks in part to the embellishment work of Michele Carragher.

Carragher’s motif development is fantastic. From the cool strength of House Tully with schools of fish in constant motion to the smoldering, stoic might of House Lannister where she embedded chain mail rings into the lions – it’s all just so spot on. My favorite piece of from this project is Sansa’s wedding dress which tells the  story of her lineage and struggle with the Lannisters.  Be sure to check out Carragher’s site which has an archive of her work, her thoughts on some of the main pieces and brief reviews of her process.

To further sing her praises, she also worked on 2 gowns for the villainess in the movie 47 Ronin… SQWEEEEEEEE!! Classic Japanese tale turned fantasy movie, Samurai code, Keanu Reeves AND awesome costumes????  This movie is on my list of to-do’s, and Carraher is quickly racking up awesome points. | Michele Carragher

Michele Carragher | detail of Sansa’s wedding dress | Michele Carragher

Michele Carragher | the Lannister lion | Michele Carragher

Michele Carragher | school of Tully fish