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Endings and Beginnings

In My Work by Cinnamon McCullum

As the whirlwind that was 2016 came to an end, I felt that I needed to do two things.

Knit every day. Even if I can only carve 15 minutes out for it, I pick up my current project and add to it.  Now, rather than saving my needlework for when I get a big chunk of time, I take a moment to relax with one of my favorite activities daily. It forces me to keep my eye on a finish line and naturally I’m getting projects done quicker. I wish I had thought to manage my knitting like this sooner.

Get involved more. I sign petitions all the time, and I donate to supportive organizations often. But with the current climate, I’m frustrated and need to do more. For Xmas, I made 5 pairs of baby socks to a local hospital. It was a very gratifying and humbling experience. I have no interest in traditional religion. Nor do I get wrapped up in the consumerism that time of year encourages. But making for those in need or to brighten someone’s day felt so good. It was one of the best things I did all year.

Along with the above community activism, I could not resist making a PussyHat for the Women’s March on January 21st. I started very late, but I was determined to finish it. I enjoyed using my skills to support the protest we attended in Albany. My feelings from that day were mixed. There are few things more divine than standing and connecting with a group of women, but for such a large and diverse turnout, will the support be like this for more specific situations? What more can I do that I feel will make a difference? What exactly is my message? I’m still mulling these things over. In the interim, please consider doing what you can to support Planned ParenthoodAbortion Funding, Black Lives Matters, Standing Rock and the ACLU.

2016 ended on a high note, and 2017 started off strong.

I have more up my sleeve. Stay tuned!

Endings and Beginnings | AllegraNoir.com

Pussyhat for the Womens March.