| felt attire by Diana Nagorna

Felt Attire by Diana Nagorna

In Felt by Cinnamon McCullum

Years ago I purchased a lovely “boiled wool” (a more formal term for felt) coat that I call my Princess coat because of the nipped waist and floor-length full skirt. I wear it for special occasions and/or when I’m feeling more dramatic than usual. It has incredible weight, structure and drape to it.  Suffice it to say that my appreciation for the textile runs deep and Ukrainian designer Diana Nagorna takes it to a whole new level.

In Nagorna’s one-stop-shop, you can get a wide variety of pieces from cropped jackets to dresses to felt covered boots and pieces perfect for layering. It’s really notable to see her entire collection.  She is an unquestionable master at creating and manipulating this textile and luckily she also teaches these arts, so there are more masters in training.

Felt Attire by Diana Sermon

felt attire by Diana Nagorna