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Fur Fashion, The Best Way to Give It Back

In Fashion by Cinnamon McCullum

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One of many amazing things about getting older is that I’ve developed a robust wardrobe. I have a lovely selection of attire for all occasions. Name it, and I can be ready tomorrow, no shopping required. Over the years I’ve weeded out all the things that didn’t work and the fast fashion and kept the classics, the favorites and the good stuff. Unfortunately, a few things I’ve also kept were the fur pieces.

At one point fur catered to my love of texture and there is a glorious variety when you look at fur as purely a textile. The first piece was a reversible black leather and mink trappers hat. Next was a bolero, then a vest, then fur-lined gloves. I was ignorant to think catering to this industry wasn’t bad because the pieces were small. It is not like I had a floor length coat right? I think about it now, and it’s one of those things that I’m ashamed of having invested in. Learning more about the industry over time and having my own beloved animal companion in my home helped put it into perspective.

In recent years I though to put the pieces on commission, but I feel an urgent need to be rid of them as quickly as possible and in a more productive way. I know the animals can’t be brought back, but I don’t want to perpetuate that sort of energy by making money a factor. So I asked around and learned about a profound annual campaign run by the Born Free organization. One can donate their fur fashion to their Fur for the Animals drive, and it will be recycled for use by animals to provide them with comfort and warmth. It’s great to think that we can help keep a family of hedgehogs warm or an orphaned coyote feel a little less alone in the world. This won’t exactly absolve me of this fashion sin, but it is the best way to give it back.

Born Free will accept the donations mailed to their D.C. offices from September through the end of the year. I’ll be picking up a box this week and counting down the days until September.