| Be Good For Goodness Sake

Talking About Big Brother… I Mean Social Media

In Art by Cinnamon McCullum

Some people have profiles on every social network in existence. Others are cyber ninjas, slinking around with extreme caution. No matter which side of the fence your power strip is on, I am pretty sure thoughts on being monitored bounce around in your head.

Named after the piece by Nathan Vincent, the Muriel Guépin Gallery in SoHo presents “Be Good for Goodness Sake”, an exhibit about social media, big brother and the idea of privacy.  The show will run from Dec 13th thru Jan19th and other artists include Iviva Olenick (of whom I am a fan) and Kathy Halper. I’m looking forward to seeing Iviva’s new work with watercolors, Kathy’s detailed work up close and Nathan’s crochet pieces on this theme. | Iviva Olenick at the Muriel Guepin Gallery

“What I Can Glean from Facebook.” – embroidery and watercolor on fabric by Iviva Olenick | Kathy Halper Muriel Guepin Gallery

“What the F*ck” – embroidery on fabric by Kathey Halper