crochet by Laura Theiss

Magic Starts with a Solid Concept

In Crochet by Cinnamon McCullum

Originally from Lithuania, Laura Theiss proclaims that crochet is in her DNA.  Surrounded by crochet and knit work as a child and educated by the family matriarchs, she took her hooks with her to Germany and the UK, where her crochet evolved to what we see today. Her most recent collection including intricate and modern crochet lace patterns, digital printed dresses and gorgeous headpieces, walks the tightrope between the craft and fashion world beautifully. Kudos.

Aside from exquisite craftsmanship and style, Theiss has mastered the art of conceptualizing. The best creative projects are built around a solid concept. Whether you are inspired by your childhood rock collection, Kabuki theater, the Amazon rainforest or like Theiss, the remains of Aliens found in Tibet in the late 1930’s –¬† the concept itself is one of the thrilling parts of fashion that connects designers to their audience. Theiss gets it and she owns it.