| Portraits by Joanne Arnett

Mug Shot Tapestries by Joanne Arnett

In Tapestry by Cinnamon McCullum

I think what we all find so fascinating about a mug shot is that it is so indicative of the person and the moment. From David Bowie’s oh-so-subtle “piss-off”, to Nick Nolte’s whirlwind insanity to the most recent, Justin Bieber’s cluelessness (who would have ever thought I would put those 3 people in a sentence together), these images seem like a magical mirror to the soul.

Taking the quirky mug shots of a few, Joanne Arnett transformed them into handwoven portraits named after the persons sentence such as “18 Months with Time Off for Good Behavior”. Along with their expressions, the vibrant colors she uses and textures she creates gives the pieces an softer tone, so these moments caught in time don’t seem so harsh.