| Tod Hensley

Needle is the Brush and Stitches Are the Paint

In Embroidery by Cinnamon McCullum

Looking at painter turned hand embroidery artist Tod Hensley‘s work, it is easy to see the bridge he made from one art form to another. His needle is now his brush and his stitches are like paint.  His pieces are dense, complex and visceral in a folk/primitive art sort of way which is what makes him stand out to be appreciated.

His description of his work from his ETSY profile says it best : ” My inspirations / obsessions include: Expressionism, Primitivism, Pop Art, Urban Decay, Dada, Surrealism, Graffitti, Comic Art, Art Brut or Outsider / Folk art, Avant-Garde, Children’s art, the streets of the city, low-culture, food, erotica, the human body, machinery, ephemera (mostly vintage), and little bits and pieces of the everyday environment that most people look past…” | Tod Hensley

Tod Hensley