Nike Releases New Flyknits

In Fashion by Cinnamon McCullum

When I was in grade school, the highly coveted sneakers were either Nike or Adidas. I gravitated toward Nike because the Nike swoosh seemed sort of feminine and the brand came in a slew of candy colors. It was the only baby pink purchase I swore I’d die from if I did not have. Thankfully, my mother in her infinite wisdom knew I would in fact survive and refused to buy me the expensive sneakers.

Fast forward to a few days ago when I learned that Nike had released the latest additions to its “Flyknit” collection. This line is ultra lightweight, form fitting with a knit overlay, and comes in blazing bold colors. The three  newbies to the game include The Flyknit Racer (above) in neon multicolors,  the Flyknit Trainer, and the HTM Flyknit Chukka. All are currently only available in Europe.

Always bold, always trendsetting, and always sleek—kudos to Nike for remaining a formidable brand with fantastic designs.