The Work of Richard Saja

Saja Was Here!

In Embroidery by Cinnamon McCullum

Craft darling Richard Saja is adored for the simplicity, vibrancy and cheeky quality of his Historically Inaccurate work.  Taking Toile de Jouy and stitching in colorful spots of embroidery, Saja turns la-de-da fishing and picnic tableaux into riotous scenes where the characters have turquoise and red punk  hair, clown noses, MisFits skull t-shirts and fur suits. Saja’s embroidery evokes cave drawings, or a kind of graffiti, in which he tags iconic imagery in his own sly way.

Along with using standard pre-made prints, in 2011 Saja made an awesome circus Toile called SIDESHOW. Love. Love. Love. Freaks is one of my favorite movies. How can a lady get a few yards of this fun stuff?