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Shamanism by UTHA

In Textiles + Textures by Cinnamon McCullum

In Riga, the largest city in the Baltic states, lives Irita Tīlane Pakalniņa – the proprietress of the UTHA collection. These textile rich and embellished headdresses can be found in her ETSY shop. The traditional Baltic folkloric influence is charming, along with her spin on tribalism and shamanism. I will credit her with helping me to take pom-poms seriously again, and I enjoy her in-your-face approach and shop item descriptions. How can you not appreciate someone who creates elaborate fantasies to go with these magical pieces?

“When the UTHA shamans first stumbled in the Land of Oz, they were travelers and explorers, strangers for the Munchkins, Winkies, Quadlings, Gillikins. Now they have gained the trust and love of the inhabitants of Oz, this headpiece is a gift design by the Wizard of Oz himself. Encrusted with rubies and emeralds it indulges oneself in a magical freedom to do anything the world has to offer. Be it snowboarding from the highest peak of Moojer Mountain or strolling gracefully through Emerald city. This headpiece has become a legend in Oz and it will help you become one…” - UTHA Shaman of Oz men's headpiece

“Shaman of Oz” by UTHA - embroidered trucker hat by UTHA

embroidered trucker hat by UTHA