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So, What Now?

In Me, My Work by Cinnamon McCullum

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This ain’t my first time at the rodeo. Actually, this is my 3rd blog, and this has been my best blogging experience hands down. I live for this niche and enjoy writing about it. It’s great how things are turning out for my fledgling project, and I have a few thoughts on how to move forward in 2014.

  • When I first started this blog, I wanted a really simple design, but it is time for new drapes. There will be a few graphical changes to the site in the near future.
  • This Spring, AllegraNoir will be about conversations rather than my monologues, and I will open the comments section. This should (hopefully) be interesting!
  • There is going to be an increase in posts.  I am not going to commit to a specific schedule but if I am inspired then it will happen and lately, I’ve been inspired a great deal.
  • I do not hold a candle to Djuna Barnes, but I do think my writing is improving. I would like to take a class or two to help me move along with that.
  • Last but in no way least, I’ll be knitting more for myself in the new year. I made a few pieces by request this season (how can one turn down sweaters for a few pups???) but sadly nothing new pour moi. That is going to change.

I am always open to feedback. If you have any thoughts or suggestions you’d like to share, feel free to drop me a note.

Here’s to 2014… May you be inspired and creative, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!