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Chimps Made of Yarn + Rice

In Crochetby Cinnamon McCullum

It is interesting to see an unlikely company embrace the idea of handmade goods as giveaways for their users. Being that I work in Marketing and Design by day, I recently received an update email …

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Oh Bondage! Up Yours!

In Artby Cinnamon McCullum

I learned about Jeffrey Gibson in a New York Times article from earlier this year. Gibson has a strong Native American background that you’ll see in his work because it is a part of him and he owns it, but he is non-traditional and pushes the envelope by…

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Hello Summer

In Textiles + Texturesby Cinnamon McCullum

When I was a kid and it was insanely hot out, my Mother would say “Think of ice cubes.”  Bless her heart. These day the thermostat gets way up there and takes the humidity along for the ride…