Textile Fox by Donya Coward | AllegraNoir.com

Taxidermy for Cuddling by Donya Coward

In Fiber Art by Cinnamon McCullum

Are you cringing? Fear not… If you don’t already know, I’m an animal lover and the ONLY traditional taxidermy I support is what would be made with those who have passed naturally, and serves as a homage to their life rather than a trophy to their death.

With that out of the way, Donya Coward specializes in Textile Taxidermy, using bits and bobs of rare and vintage textured fabrics and notions to create striking embroidered animal figures. With her attention to detail and impressive hand with the needle, these figures are not really for cuddling but would look wonderful on display and can be petted now and again.

In her bio, Donya states… “It is important to up-cycle and preserve the craftsmanship and skills of days gone and give them a new identity.” Kudos to her for doing a very fine job of that.

Pigeon by Donya Coward | AllegraNoir.com

Textile Pigeon by Donya Coward

Textile Min Pin by Donya Coward | AllegraNoir.com

Textile Min Pin by Donya Coward