| Janet Echelman Installations

Textile Installations by Janet Echelman

In Fiber Art by Cinnamon McCullum

Looking at the large-scale outdoor installations by Janet Echelman, one can’t help but feel an organic connection. Her sculptures seem to be primarily erected in urban landscapes. Perhaps that is because she finds it easy to use the surrounding buildings as anchor. Or maybe, she knows that, for those of use living in these concrete jungles, we need a reminder of that connection. Our own personal anchor.

As legend has it, upon seeing the fishermen in Tamil Nadul, India fishing with their nets, Echelman was inspired to use netting in her work. That was in 1997. Today with a team of engineers and architects, her work is known worldwide as ingenuity that’s sensitive to water, light and wind. I do hope that I come across one of her pieces personally at some point. The pictures are wonderful; I can only image how it would be to see something like this first hand.