The Magic That is Missoni |

The Magic That is Missoni

In Fashion by Cinnamon McCullum

I would be remiss if I did not create at least one post about the iconic fashion house that is Missoni. I’m actually sort of kicking myself that it’s taken this long.

Many people could recognize their style of glamour by the iconic zig-zags and strips, which is what allowed Missoni to get above the noise in the late 1960’s, but I always feel the need to credit them for their amazing palettes as well. Either the colors are riotous or incredibly subtle and sophisticated.  I’ve seen Missoni designs that aside from the textiles itself, were just meh in my opinion, but I was drawn to them for the genius color schemes they were worked in.

Missoni’s humble beginnings were in Italy, in 1953, with wife and husband team Rosita and Ottavio and a few knitting machines Rosita got from her family’s textile business and installed in their basement. Using surplus space-dyed yarn left over from the 30’s, the Missoni aesthetic was born.  Today, their daughter Angela has had the role of Creative Director since 1997 and the brand is one of the top knitwear companies in the world. Currently, the Fashion and Textile Museum in London is celebrating Missoni with an exhibit that will go on until September 4th, and I hope it finds it’s way to New York City (I always say that of exhibits I can’t get to, and it rarely happens, but it doesn’t hurt to put it out into the universe).

Aside from great patterns, colors and a dynastic drive, the other component of the alchemy that has supported Missoni’s longevity, is their DIY mindset. The family has long standing roots in the textile industry and the Missoni brand has had it’s own factory since 1968.  From samples to finished pieces ready for the runway, there are great advantages to making things in-house. As a person who loves to create and admire knitwear, the fact that they take their creations from A-Z internally, makes them one of the most enchanting brands at the top of my list.

Ogle some fine knitwear by  Missoni below.