- Mister Finch

We Want More Textile Creatures Mister Finch!

In Fiber Art by Cinnamon McCullum

In my opinion, there can be a great advantage to being a self-taught artist.  You are approaching the craft from a broader POV, creating your own foundation and doing your own problem solving. It might not make the creation of your art easier, but it makes it more authentic to one’s self.

Mister Finch is a self-taught textile artist in the city of Leeds in England. He makes and sells captivating textile animals and vegetation. Consider them sophisticated art dolls made with recycled fabrics.

Most of my pieces use recycled materials, not only as an ethical statement, but I believe they add more authenticity and charm. A story sewn in, woven in. Velvet curtains from an old hotel, a threadbare wedding dress and a vintage apron become birds and beasts, looking for new owners and adventures to have.

As an animal lover, I can’t look at his hares, birds or foxes without feeling a little touched. You would swear they had a soul. So naturally I want one of his pieces and naturally, they are not easy to come by. Hence the title of this post… Your adoring fans wait patiently Mister Finch. - Mister Finch

Mister Finch working on a group of hares - Mister Finch

textile bird collection by Mister Finch - Mister Finch

tea making spider by Mister Finch - Mister Finch

soft sculpture fox heads by Mister Finch