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Sculpted Knits = Smart Knits

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One of the more challenging aspects of knitting is when you want to sculpt a knit item to conform to a specific shape, like a neckline going into a shoulder or a waistline that flows into the curve of a hip. You can do some simple shaping, and thankfully, given the nature of knit fabric, it will hug and stretch with the body for the most part.

Then you have someone like Julia Seregina with her Smart Knit brand who uses some interesting techniques with needle and stitch size variations to manipulate the fit of knits so the outcome is truly form-fitting. Aside from me geeking out on that, for her Fall-Winter 2012 collection, Seregina applied delicate traditional lace in some untraditional ways. I am in LOVE with her quilted skirt with lace overlay. It is a clever and super-cute design proving that Seregina is definitely one to watch. | Smart Knits by Julia Seregina

quilted skirt with lace overlay – Smart Knits by Julia Seregina